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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Web Presence and Impact Factors for Middle-Eastern Countries

This study investigates the Web presence and Web Impact Factor (WIF) for country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) of Middle-Eastern countries, and sub-level domains (SLDs) related to education and academic institutions in these countries. Counts of links to the web sites of Middle-Eastern countries were calculated from the output of Yahoo search engine. In this study, we compute the WIF at two levels: top-level domains, and sub-level domains.
The results show that the Middle-Eastern countries, apart from Turkey, Israel and Iran, have a low web presence. On the other hand, their web sites have a low inlink WIF. Specific features of sites may affect a country’s Web Impact Factor. For linguistic reasons, Middle-Eastern web sites (Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew languages) may not receive and attract the attention that they deserve from the World Wide Web community.

Keywords: Webometrics, Bibliometrics, Web Impact Factors (WIF), Link analysis, Middle-East, Asia, Universities
Noruzi, Alireza (2006).
Web Presence and Impact Factors for Middle-Eastern Countries. Online, 30(2): 22-28. Available at:

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